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Re: Pentosin, and Antifreeze - Where to buy?

I got some Sierra (phosphate free) coolant from Napa.  Many listers use it
and it is pet-safe.  Well, to a certian extent.

As for the Pentosin, Import part places are probably best.  If not try mail
order from blau or someplace like that.

89 200tq

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From: BustnJustn@aol.com <BustnJustn@aol.com>
To: v8q@u.washington.edu <v8q@u.washington.edu>; quattro@audifans.com
Date: Monday, June 21, 1999 5:32 PM
Subject: Pentosin, and Antifreeze - Where to buy?

>Hi All,
>Are there places, other than the dealer that sell Pentosin?  What should I
>expect to pay for this liquid gold?
>Also it appears that I can use some antifreeze, and I know that it requires
>special type, is this only available through the dealer?  Again, any
>information would be appreciated.
>Justin Bowers
>90 V8q