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Re: Wanted Right Side Heated Mirror Backing Plate

I get them from local auto glass supplier.  Looks just like original for 5K.
Even says "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear."  Glass is tinted.
The replacement glass will not delaminate like the original as the silvering is
part of the glass, not on the back and not sandwiched.  Went up to $30 since
last time I bought.  Use silicone sealant-not too much.  Install is easier than
removal.  Original install uses double stick rubberized tape around edge and
some kind of double stick clear tape everywhere else that the heater touches.

scott miller wrote:

> No backing plate, but I need new glass in my driver's side mirror.  What
> kind of adhesive is good for this, heard any tips?  Anything special for
> heat transfer and heat tolerance?  Where'd you get the glass, is it blue?  I
> have a friend looking for blue mirror at the factory that made them
> originally.
> I know 200s and 5000s shared mirrors.  Most were heated, even my sychros had
> heated mirrors.
> Scott
> '90 200tqw
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