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RE: Dual vs. Single Knock Sensor MC

I'm using a 90 200TQ dual-knock sensor, high-compression motor with a K24
turbo for my 4000 turbo, with a 1.9 bar chip/spring, bypass valve and custom
single-pass intercooler(also cam,ported head, and 2-piece EM). This motor
also has a lighter flywheel and beefier clutch than the earlier MC's. I
choose this combination because my main objectives are minimal turbo lag and
quick throttle response for autocrossing and short tracks (and because my
mechanic recommended it!). 

I'm hoping the K24 provides sufficient top end, but to run even higher boost
I think the low-compression motor with a K26 is preferable. I also will
drive the car almost exclusively above 5000ft and don't think the K26 would
spool quick enough. A $1500 hybrid K26/27 or RS2 turbo was out of my budget
for this project.

Unfortunately, I can't tell you how this combination works since the car is
not yet on the road. But I will keep you posted (should be running very

Gary Kaklikian
86 5kcstq
86 4kcstq (almost)

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I seem to remember some time back that the brains trust indicated a
preference for the single knock with water cooled K24 rather than the higher
compression dual knock which I believe was fitted to the 89 & 90 200TQ.

Which is preferable for an Ur-Q upgrade?


John Corbs
Traverse City, MI
'83 & '85 Ur-qs (for my sins)