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Re: RS2 Mods for Quattros Question

"mikesoft" <mikesoft@europa1.conwaycorp.net> wrote:

> I have heard but haven't confirmed about RS2 parts which 
>would fit on Audi 80/90. If anyone knows of any interesting
>mods I would like to hear from them. Does anyone one know
>if an RS2 front bumper would fit on an 88Q ? or would it require
>some modification to do so ? Also does anyone know any 
>place in the US where RS2 mod parts may be obtained ? ( I am
>aware of a source in Germany.....just trying to weigh my 
>options) Thanks 

Yes, as an RS2 is basically juist an 80 Avant, the bumper's a straight swap-
but beware: euro bumpers on the 80/90 are nothing like the US items for
crash protection. 
They're basically just a plastic shell to which bits of steel are bolted
to hold the bumper to the car. 
A small impact is enough for serious damage- BTDT. You must remove all
the 5mph stuff to fit a euro bumper.

Other interesting mods: twin round headlights, RS2 projector Xenon
headlights (these require transplanting the entire height adjustment
stuff from the relevant car- major $$$$/hassle. Better choice: newer
Cabriolet/S2/Coupe projector (DE) headlights. Better bang for the buck,
excellent light and cheaper to replace in case of an accident.

For more info, see www.audi80.com


87 90q B3 NG engine, 169k km
The Netherlands

PS If you're into a German-speaking dash in your B3 80/90 (might also
work for other models) move the switch on the bottom righthand side of
the back of your instrument cluster to 'EG' instead of 'US'. This might
mess up your computer (miles-km), so test it first. The 'brake light'
warning goes to 'bremslicht' and I think there are other differences.
I'll look into it later (I want my dash to speak English instead of
German, and my car doesn't have the trip computer anyway).