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Cleaning Windshields

Larry Bardfeld wrote:

"A friend of mine, who is fairly knowledgeable about cars
(ASE-certified mechanic, etc.), suggests that the best way to clean my
car's windshield is using a mild cleaning solution and very fine steel
wool (!!)"

Using #0000 steel wool is one of my favorite detailing tricks. This will
almost remove water spots completely. The reason it does not scratch the
glass, is because the tempered exterior glass is so much harder. Try it
on the mirrors though, anfd you will be upset. The mirror glass is not
tempered and will scratch.

You should also wash the windshield well prior to doing this however.
Otherwise the wool might pick up some grit that _will_ scratch the

For me, cleaning the windshield with steel wool, a quick wipe of alcohol
on the wiper blades, as well as checking the washer fluid, oil, coolant,
belts, etc., is standard procedure for any long trip. Especially in

Audi content: Quattro is great in the rain - when you can see!


Craig Lebakken