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RE: 20V head fit an MC Block?

The 20V NM cylinder head gasket part number from ETKA is 034 103 383 AD and
the MC part number is 034 103 383 AA.  Hmmm.. too close to be all that
different? The diagrams certainly look as though the available parts, some
minor fabrication and maybe a single pass intercooler would all coexist
quite nicely. A blown NM engine (bottom end of course) could provide almost
all the parts needed to 'mix-it-up' yes? maybe? no?

The ECU and FI from the MC would remain with only plumbing mods to lengthen
the fuel delivery lines.

I'd like to pursue this unless it really has no hope of working, but that
would require some 'informed' input. Phil P. are you out there?

Peter Berrevoets
1990 200TQ 10V

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<<With the large (compared to 20V Turbos) number of na 20V engines around,
it feasible to swap one (head) onto an mc block, play with some plumbing,
relocate a few bits and have a hybrid cross flow in a type 44?>>

	There is no Audi problem that can't be solved by the appropriate
	Having looked at both heads, I'd say you're in for quite a bit of
rearranging. Intake is on opposite sides and the exhaust system is different
for starters. I suspect you'd also need a new crankshaft gear for the timing
	With the car you have in your sigline I think you'd be money ahead to
put in a K-24 turbo and a modded ECU.