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Re: Cleaning Windshields

I have the Zymol Glas stuff in a sprayer.  Put a little more of the Glas
fluid and a little less of the water and it works great.

As for removing impurities...yes, you can get a Glas Polish and a high speed
buffing wheel and buff some of them out (like, light scratches).  Many
detail or glass replacement places can do this.

But, when you windshield gets old and sandblasted....nothing will help and
it gets dirty very easily.  Best thing to do is just replace it!


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>I just tried some glass polish from Griot's Garage (www.griotsgarage.com
><http://www.griotsgarage.com>  - no affiliation, blah blah blah).  It works
>amazing.  I've heard of the steel wool technique, but I feel better
>with something called "Glass Polish".  It does a great job of removing
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>Subject: Cleaning Windshields
>A friend of mine, who is fairly knowledgeable about cars
>(ASE-certified mechanic, etc.), suggests that the best way to clean my
>car's windshield is using a mild cleaning solution and very fine steel
>wool (!!)  Is he trying to pull my leg (and scratch my windshield)?
>If this question has too little Audi or technical content to merit a
>reply on the list, please send any comments, guffaws, etc., to me
>privately at LB6116@pitcairn.com
>Larry Bardfeld
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