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RE: 20V head fit an MC Block?

Beware the letter suffixes. Audi is famous for using the same part number
to designate similar items, like engine heads, then using the letter
suffix to indicate major differences, like 10v vs. 20v. Case in point are
the wheels for the Type 89 Coupes. All use the same number, just use a
different letter suffix do distinguish between, oh, say, a 6x15 ET37 4/108
(895 601 025 B) and a 7.5x16 ET37 5/112 (895 601 025 M). Caveat emptor.
-Ian Duff.
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Subject: RE: 20V head fit an MC Block?

The 20V NM cylinder head gasket part number from ETKA is 034 103 383 AD
the MC part number is 034 103 383 AA.  Hmmm.. too close to be all that
different? The diagrams certainly look as though the available parts, some
minor fabrication and maybe a single pass intercooler would all coexist
quite nicely. A blown NM engine (bottom end of course) could provide
all the parts needed to 'mix-it-up' yes? maybe? no?