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Re: Seat heaters, styling

On Tue, 22 Jun 1999 09:31:22 Mike Arman <armanmik@n-jcenter.com> writes:
> Seat heaters - you'd think Florida is the LAST place anyone would 
> want seat heaters - yeah, we check 'em at the Georgia border . . . 

	Maybe this is why my block heater fell out on it's own...  My car is
from Minnesota, but I hardly think Florida needs them...  Fell out 3
months after I moved back down here!

> when the temperature drops below 55 or 60 degrees (in the dead of
> everyone starts pissing and moaning about the "cold".

	I am wearing a sweatshirt at 65-70!
> And I still have no idea what kind of drugs influenced the styling 
> of the Taurus "egg-mobile", which IM(NS)HO is the ugliest vehicle in
> known universe, with the exception of the Taurus "egg-mobile" station 
> wagon.

	You're absolutely right about the Taurus, if you look at it from the
front, it looks like a catfish, though!   : )
	On the styling note, someone mentioned that his A4 looks Honda-ish?  How
about the adnoH looking more A4-ish?  Just because they might be more
popular in America, doesn't necessarily mean that their design is
original.  I _will_ have to look twice at one to make sure it's not an
Audi, but when you see an A4, you definitely know what it is, and I think
more so at night.  The taillights and headlights are very distinctive of
any other car.

Just some thoughts...

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