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Re: RS2 Mods for Quattros Question

Check www.audi80.com

More than you can imagine seems to fit, with a little help :).  Can you
say, 1.8T?

On Mon, 21 Jun 1999, mikesoft wrote:

> I have heard but haven't confirmed about RS2 parts which 
> would fit on Audi 80/90. If anyone knows of any interesting
> mods I would like to hear from them. Does anyone one know
> if an RS2 front bumper would fit on an 88Q ? or would it require
> some modification to do so ? Also does anyone know any 
> place in the US where RS2 mod parts may be obtained ? ( I am
> aware of a source in Germany.....just trying to weigh my 
> options) Thanks 
> Mike Theuri
> '88 80Q

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