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RE: Pentosin, and Antifreeze - Where to buy?


Have a look at this http://tech.vw.com/ this is the Audi and VW technical
service stuff, I read recently some very precise info on Audi's anti freeze
for this engine, 


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		Justin writes:
		>Are there places, other than the dealer that sell Pentosin?
What should I
		>expect to pay for this liquid gold?
		>Also it appears that I can use some antifreeze, and I know
that it requires
		>special type, is this only available through the dealer?
Again, any
		>information would be appreciated.

		I just bought pentosin from
		They had it on special last week.  I forget the exact price,
but it was

		can't say much about them other than they exist, but they
were very helpful
		and kind on the phone and via email.  If you are polite, and
mention the
		Quattro List, they may give you the special price even
though it is no
		longer on special. YMMV.

		I bought my Prestone Extended Life antifreeze at the local
large chain car
		stuff store, either Al's or Shuck's up in these parts.  The
aluminum head
		engines need a special antifreeze, generally called
phosphate free in the
		manuals.  The one I bought is orange, is silicon and
phosphate free, and
		costs about double what the normal antifreeze costs.  Until
I hear otherwise
		that this is a bad idea, this is the antifreeze I use in the


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