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Re: TYP89 80 RS2 Conversion

A  v  G <avangerb@zoo.uvm.edu> wrote:

>European 80 model designation: TYP81-US 4000  TYP89-US 80  B4-US 90.

Not entirely correct- the type 89 was made in both 80 and 90 forms. Just
like the type 44 was made both as a 100 and 200.
The factory internal code went to platform+number on the B4, the type 89
is otherwise (confusingly enough) known as B3.

>My comments concerning RS2 conversion apply to TYP89 80 series Audis.  RS2
>conversion for proper fitment and finish requires:
>1. RS2 Bumper
>2. RS2 Lights

See my earlier mail- Cabriolet/S2 DE ellipsoid headlights are an
excellent alternative for these. You wouldn't want to transplant all the
self-levelling Xenon stuff into a car not previously equipped with such.
They're also cheaper.

>3. US 90 Fenders
>4. US 90/Cabrio Hood
>5. RS2 Underlight body trim
>6. US 90 Front suspension: control arms(may use S2 forged ones), ball
>     joints, struts...
>7. US 90 Cross Member
>8. Small nuts 'n' bolts for conversion

Don't forget the RS2 grill, a nice affair in powder-coated steel mesh.
Looks the part.

-my Dfl. .02

The Netherlands
'87 90q NG engine, looking for reasonably priced S2 sedan/Avant/coupe