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Ordered my S4 & Looking for "real" S4bt pics...

Does anybody out there have any jpegs of an S4 biturbo in Santorin Blue,
with Silver leather?

If you'll email them to me, I'll put them on a web site for others who are
interested on the list to see.

It's official - I cancelled my A4 2.8qs order, and ordered an S4 bt in
Santorin Blue w/ Silver leather. For those who care, I'm getting the 6 speed
of course, with the Bose, the 6-CD, the convenience pkg, the cold weather
pkg, and the navigation computer.

I was really iffy on the last one, but a guy at Audi USA told me what it's
like to use, and it sounds really slick. There is no screen, and there are
no visible maps. It just gives you a readout of what's to come on the trip
computer display, and  it talks to you & tells you when a turn is coming up.
The points that sold me were that last one, plus the fact that according to
the Audi guy, it augments GPS w/ data from the ABS sensors to get an
location accuracy of close to 1 meter, and if you miss a turn, it
recalculates your route immediately and gets you back on track. He made an
interesting point - the cars w/ a map display cause you to spend more time
looking at your console than the road, enough so that it becomes dangerous.

I'm told my car will be here in September. I'll believe it when I see it 8-)