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Re: TYP89 80 RS2 Conversion

Tom and other listers Hi from Greece,

It is mentioned in this thread that the RS2 is equipped with Xenon lights.

This, unfortunately, is not true.
The RS2 is equipped with projector main lights but these are NOT HID Xenon
bulb equipped. They have standard 55W H1 bulbs and in order to equip the car
with HID Xenon bulbs you have to modify the light cluster, and also buy two
special ignitors, two special balasts and special wiring.

It can be done, the cost is around 1,000 to 1,200 US$, but after careful
consideration I decided not to do it to my car.

There is a Japanese set of HID Xenon bulbs, ignitors, wiring and ballasts
that can be fitted in place of H1 equipped projector Halogen lights but it
is based on now obsolete HID Xenon bulbs and once the bulb is burned you
most probably will not be able to find a replacement.

That is all for Xenon lights on the RS2.

Pantelis Giamarellos
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Subject: Re: TYP89 80 RS2 Conversion

>A  v  G <avangerb@zoo.uvm.edu> wrote:
>>European 80 model designation: TYP81-US 4000  TYP89-US 80  B4-US 90.
>Not entirely correct- the type 89 was made in both 80 and 90 forms. Just
>like the type 44 was made both as a 100 and 200.
>The factory internal code went to platform+number on the B4, the type 89
>is otherwise (confusingly enough) known as B3.
>>My comments concerning RS2 conversion apply to TYP89 80 series Audis.  RS2
>>conversion for proper fitment and finish requires:
>>1. RS2 Bumper
>>2. RS2 Lights
>See my earlier mail- Cabriolet/S2 DE ellipsoid headlights are an
>excellent alternative for these. You wouldn't want to transplant all the
>self-levelling Xenon stuff into a car not previously equipped with such.
>They're also cheaper.
>>3. US 90 Fenders
>>4. US 90/Cabrio Hood
>>5. RS2 Underlight body trim
>>6. US 90 Front suspension: control arms(may use S2 forged ones), ball
>>     joints, struts...
>>7. US 90 Cross Member
>>8. Small nuts 'n' bolts for conversion
>Don't forget the RS2 grill, a nice affair in powder-coated steel mesh.
>Looks the part.
>-my Dfl. .02
>The Netherlands
>'87 90q NG engine, looking for reasonably priced S2 sedan/Avant/coupe