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Re: New rubber bits collapsing...?

Stott wrote:
> Yep.  Seen this on several 4kqs.  Including Chris' red 87.  We stuffed a
> spring in his.

Mike Sylvester wrote:
> I've seen this on a few cars, also with new hoses.  I have not yet
> determined why.  It appeared that the ISV might not be working.  I unplugged
> it and the idle did not change.  It seemed that the hose would collapse
> because it couldn't get the air that the intake was demanding.

I took the one that came off the donor car, it looked almost new and
seemed a little stiffer and shoved a spring into it.  Now it doesn't
collapse and the current obeys my 3mm turns better.  Spring was from one
of my "Exit" sign light bulbs!  Fit perfectly.

the ISV does work, idle changes if I unplug it.

> >
> > So I'm outside with two meters trying to get the actuator current and
> > ISV duty cycle set just right, wondering why the current doesn't want to
> > obey my tiny turns of the 3 mm screw appropriately, the way it did a day
> > ago.  Then I notice that the new hose is sucked flat at idle!

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 84 4kq; 85 Coupe GT