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Interesting S4 biturbo info!

I am currently interviewing for a service writer position at a Posche/Audi

I talked to the chief Audi mechanic today and we started talking about the
new Audis...the TT, the S4, and the V8 A6.  Apparently they have delayed the
introduction of the S4 to the US again....as they are supposedly having a
lot of problems with them in europe!!!!

He told me that having the twin-turbo motor in such a confined space creates
such tremendous heat that it litterally burns the fender wells and is
apparently drying out any of the lubed joints from the tremendous heat!!!
So, Audi is supposedly working on re-engineering these cars and so it may be
a while before we see them over here in the US.

Anyone in europe heard similar reports????  Can any of you overseas listers
confirm this with local dealers or club members.  I'd be interested to hear
more of the specifics.

BTW, I still want an S4 biturbo!!!