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4x108 wheels

Thanks for all the good advice, I knew about the Speedlines but forgot to
mention that.  I like those, but I dislike the bolts around the outside
look.  I would love to know if the wheels from the 90 Sport Quattro or S4
that are five spokers, 15x7" ET35 or 37 I think, have a 4x108 bolt
pattern.  They aren't speedlines but are great looking five spoke wheels
that I forgot Audi had put on cars in the early 90's.  I also will have
the car lowered -60mm / -2.5inches and the ET for those wheels is 35 or
37, I run ET45 right now with the stock steel rims, will I have problems
with rubbing?  Something like a 205/50 15" tire on a 15x7 rim.


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