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Re: re one-touch up power windows

Huw Powell <human@nh.ultranet.com> wrote:
> > I wonder what the difference is?  If we were extremely lucky, the difference
> > would be an internal jumper.
> Somehow I think it will be more than that, I suspect twice as many
> transistors... but maybe someday we will know!  Wasn't there a brief
> period of US Audis with this feature, like half a model year, before
> they got nervous about someone cutting their kids head off or something?

It actually happened to someone.  I think it was a Honda Prelude, 
and the parent was away from the car.  The child was standing on 
the center console, though the sunroof either waving or watching 
the parent.  The switches for the sunroof were on the center 
console, and the window closed, choking the child to death.

I believe this was on the news locally in AZ, but it's the type of 
story that would get picked up nationally.  I didn't get it from the 

So, I think it's a nice feature to have on an Audi (MAC).