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Re: Another Passat meets its Maker - C170 WFP is no more

John Cunningham wrote:
> !!! yikes.  condolences on the auto, but most importantly hooray for
> everyone surviving intact.  time to go shopping again...   is it my
> imagination or are a lot of cars meeting with undesirable ends lately?
> luckily given the nature of these cars, there is hardly ever a story of
> injury.
> Phil Payne wrote:
> > Our 1986 Passat beater gave its life last night protecting son, daughter
> > and two friends from someone who didn't realise his car oversteered

Not sure of the final count at the Virginia City Hillclimb last weekend,
but I saw the black rolled late model Porsche. Apparently another
Porsche suffered a similar fate as well as a mustang and the F-40 caught
on fire.