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FS: '91 200T (10vt) FWD AUTO (Vermont)

Local ad in the paper got me all worked up (owner left a few details
out, such as AUTOMATIC, FWD and 10VT).  Fresh beautiful paint (indigo
blue mica?), interior is a 9/10.  Owner just lost his job and is
desparately trying to unload his toys to make a balloon payment on his
mortgage.  Cash talks.  Car is located in Morrisville, Vermont (1 hour
east of Burlington/20 minutes north of Stowe).  Owner wants the car sold

1991 Audi 200T (10v)
142k, build date 6/90
Automatic, FWD
Platinum leather, very good condition.
hands-free phone
Bose sound (cassette)
fresh paint, not a single door ding, scratch, nothing, nada.
Good Eagle GW all-seasons + set of Nokia snows
fresh brakes, all 4 corners

Owner is desparate.  He would like $6000, but would move quickly for
less.  I have no affiliation other than his car being located a block
from my office.  You didn't hear it from me, but the car could be had
for ~$4500-5000.  Happy to drive for anyone who is very serious.  This
car is truly in beautiful shape.

Owner:  Phil Cardinal (802) 888-2252.  Not an enthusiast, only knows
that he loves the car.  He hasn't neglected the car at all, but doesn't
know much about it either.  He has some records.


Ray Tomlinson