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RE: Virginia City stuff...cool info

Michael said

> then i got down to the bottom and started talking to this guy with a 
> beautiful Ferrari 355.  I talked to him for a bit and asked him for a 
> ride.  He said sure and i hopped in.  WOW!!!! That car is spectacular.  
> Everything is just so right.  
> I told him that he ruined my life 
> savings for the next 30 years as i try to save up for a 355....
> I also rode in the 348 as well, that one was almost as bad as the NSX.  
> The 355 is definitely one of the best cars ever made...
You know Michael, I had the EXACT same experience.  I drove a 348 and was
wholly unimpressed.  A 2.2 bar 5000 TQ feels faster.  An M3 (don't go there
Gary  :-)  ) feels faster.  The car is something of a shame.  Now the 355,
well, that is a car...  Next time try to get a ride (read: drive) in a 993tt
awd.  I think on edge the 355 pales in comparison, esp. on a dirt road.  Of
course, I'm now a U/O/U convert, as opposed to O/O/O...  :-)

Sounds like you had a fun trip.

Gary Lewis 
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> later...
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