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RE: Oil temp in 2.8 V6

My 96' A4 2.8 oil temp. (once heated up) reads around 200 degrees Fahrenheit
regardless of driving intensity. Well, maybe a little higher if I'm "on it"
all the time. 
Josh Wheeler

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	Subject:	Oil temp in 2.8 V6

	Hi all,

		I just wanted to find out what kind of oil temps 2.8 V6
owners are
	getting.  The car is a 92 100CSQ.  I was on the highway for about 20
	minutes doing about 65-70 all the way up, outside temp was about 93
	degrees.  By the time I reached my destination oil temp was right
	60-130.  Is this something to be concerned about?  Water temp was
	The 90 100 5 cylinder I had before never got above 60, but maybe
	because it's a different enigne.



	1985 4000S
	1992 100CSQ
	1994 90S