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Re: Oil temp in 2.8 V6

Benjamin Kwan writes:
> 	I just wanted to find out what kind of oil temps 2.8 V6 owners are
> getting.  The car is a 92 100CSQ.  I was on the highway for about 20
> minutes doing about 65-70 all the way up, outside temp was about 93
> degrees.  By the time I reached my destination oil temp was right between
> 60-130.  Is this something to be concerned about?  Water temp was normal.
> The 90 100 5 cylinder I had before never got above 60, but maybe that's
> because it's a different enigne.

Ideally you want the oil temp to be at or slightly above the water
boiling point.  Any Audi engine should run up to this oil temperature
once fully warmed up, if everything is running right (and assuming
the gauges read accurately).

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