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Re: Importing cars to the US???

It is a real pain, thousands of dollars are needed. First you have to change
everything to US spec (bumper height/size, steel bars in the doors, emissions,
lights, wiring (yes, wirring) etc...) You litteraly have to take the car and
take the DOT book and get to modifying. It would be much cheaper to go through a
firm because they can also get all of it tested for you (lights, emissions,


Daniel Hussey wrote:

> Looking for some info from those that have done it or who are up to date on
> regulations for bringing older cars from overseas into the US.
> I am interested in buying an early euro-spec (preferably German) BMW M6
> coupe into the US.  Importing it myself.  Wonder a) how hard , and b) how
> expensive is it?  Hopefully do this sometime within the next year.
> >From what I understand, there are many companies over there that specialize
> in converting cars to meet US emissions standards, etc.  Any info
> appreciated.
> Later,
> Dan