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Re: Older Audis being compared to newer Asian/US cars?

Amen to that!
In the past four years with the Blue Whale, two points along these lines
spring forth from memory:
A young woman I briefly dated (I met her when I gave her '94 Saturn a jump
start, even) wondered why I put up with the countless problems from that
"big expensive flashy new car of yours" midway through my first time
replacing the 5kt radiator.
I queried, "It's an '87, with 160,000 miles, what do you expect?"
She said, "Oh" and got *real* quiet.
Someone else I didn't hit it off with: a few months later, picking her up
for our first date, she said, "Damn! an Audi! Is this an S4? "after I
fired up the engine. One wonders if it was the sound of the Flowmaster
that triggered a memory, or what?
Good points, guys.

BSWANN@arinc.com wrote:

> Wallace,
> I just had to comment on your post.
> It seems we all get bashed by our friends and relatives, with comments
> like, "Why would I buy an AUDI, your always working on yours".
> They just don't get it, that our seemingly newer looking cars that
> always seem to have problems, are actually 10+ year old cars with well
> over 100k on the odometer.
> Often were workin' on them not because there is something major wrong
> with them, but because we like keeping a good thing going.  We're
> trying to get some additional HP/Torque, or doing somthing to get more
> sportage out of these good platforms.
> What is truly amazing is how good the condition of the paint usually
> is.  My '87 Pearl Wagon looks like a much newer car.  My '854KSQ would
> be pristine if I hadn't been rear ended, sideswiped and atacked by
> door ding gnomes time and time again.
> I don't know how much your brother is going to pay for his Toyota, but
> I bet you could pick up several of these older vintage Audi's for the
> price of what he'll pay (muchas gracias CBS 60 Minutes).  I also
> wonder whether it realy tracks, handles and performs like an AUDI.
> I love my Audi's, now that I can afford them - was drivin Rabbits,
> Dashers, and Sciroccos - had some older GM stuff too.  I just have a
> hard time 'splainin to my wife whether the parts I'm getting are a
> fix, or an improvement over the original but acceptable performance.
> Usually its a combination.  Something's wearing out, and if your gonna
> DIY, might as well get the most out of your time and money, or take
> care of a few extras while you're at it.  Also I keep a good eye on
> the monkey lads if I need  tires or alignment.
> Just my commentary - hope I didn't spawn to big of a thread.
> Ben Swann
> '85 4ksq - 160kmi + Actually hardly ever do anything to this car but
> change the oil, and it doesn't let the Door Ding Gnomes get it down.
> '86 5kcstq - 170Kmi+ Was neglected - now adopted.  (Marine TEX
> repaired Exhaust Downpipe, Marine Tex repaired Radiator nipple, fired
> and test driven - needs fan, brake work, hangers, and replacement for
> vandelized stereo system).
> '87 5kcstq Wagon - 138Kmi - Baby seat installed ;) still tracing the
> Boost/fuel pump cut out.
> *********************************************************************
> Date: Wed, 23 Jun 1999 13:59:47 -0700
> From: Wallace White <wallace@remdesign.com>
> Subject: '90-'93 Celica All-Trac opinions
> Can anyone tell me about the '90-'93 Toyota Celica All-Trac cars? I
> suggested one to my brother--if one can be found. They look to be
> good,
> fun cars. I don't know if their turbos last like an MC's, though; I
> doubt
> they're watercooled.
> BTW, there's no chance of him looking for an Audi. His previous cars
> were
> an Accord and an Integra GS-R, which was fun till it got stolen. He's
> used
> to near-appliance reliability and he knows how much time I spend
> working
> on my car. Not everyone wants a project--though I enjoy mine very
> much.
> - - Wallace
>   '87 5kcstq 155k