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Re: Older Audis being compared to newer Asian/US cars?

Normally don't like to add extraneous chatter to the threads, but couldn't 
resist with this one...  I have an 85 5Ks... bought it in 93 for 3 grand... 
Never put more than 1200 a year into it (excluding tires and the antiswaybar 
off of a 5KTQ w/ poly bushings)... and I love working on it.... I am having 
it converted from an auto to a 5 speed this weekend...   My 
co-workers/friends etc continually tell me that I need to get a new car... 
they claim I am putting too much money into it... I tell'em Why? my car still 
looks good, runs fine, comfortable to drive and is cheaper per month than any 
new car payments I could get...   

I love my car...

'Nuff said.