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Re: Shipping wheels???? UPS questions!

OK, but still...shipping 7kg UPS Ground from CA to GA only cost about
$17, so shipping some fairly light wheels clear across the country would
cost less than $80.  I think the original poster was in WI, which is
somewhat closer to CA than GA, so even if the wheels weight a bit more
they shouldn't cost $50 each to ship.

Just my $.02


Michael Williams wrote:
> Elliott Potter decided to speak these words:
> >He's trying to rip you off!  Be careful.
> >Go to http://www.ups.com ,and click on Quick Calculator.  If the wheels
> >weigh 7kg (I think that's maybe a bit heavy, but don't know) it should
> >cost less than $20 (each) for UPS ground.
> Wrong.  The sport wheels weigh about 10kg and that would be a bit more to
> ship them.  When i shipped my sport wheels out, i didnt go to the UPS hub
> and it ended up costing me 150+ to ship them....
> later...
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