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' 87 5K ignition switch problem -- Lucky me :-(

	A couple listers sent me notes that the electircal end of the switch 
might be responsible for the problem. Instructions were along the lines of: 
remove paint, find allen screw OR find phillips headed screw OR find flat 
headed screw...
	Lucky me, my switch was sealed back at the factory. There was an 
embossed place when I suspected the screw might be hidden, but no way to get 
to it with a drill. Had to use a Dremel type drill to get in there. Couldn't 
use a 1/8" drill like I wanted, had to use smaller due to the nature of the 
tool. By the time the drill bit got far enough that I could tell where the 
"screw" was, I'd already done away with the hex/phillips/flat spot to remove 
it with. Bummer. So I could see the remains of the screw, but couldn't get 
the drill to take the rest of the screw below the surface of the hole because 
it was smaller than the screw. Now the screw has a ridge around the edge that 
is keeping the unit in place. 
	The sorta-good news is that all the playing with the switch freed up 
the key, so I could remove it.
	Tomorrow I'll order another electrical unit and worry about changing 
it after it arrives.
	Thanks to all those that sent notes.