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Santa Fe Audi Salvage Rummage Sale

Here's the story:

Yes, all the cars at Santa Fe Audi Salvage will be crushed in the next
week. BUT, until then you are welcome to go there and pull parts at
minimal cost. Mike (owner) will be there today, Sat., and perhaps Sunday
if there is any interest, so there should be some time to get what you
need.  He said shipping of some parts may also be possible, but you will
have to wait about a week for him to get the stuff shipped as he is very

What's there?  Lots of 5ks, a couple of turbos and quattros, a couple of
200s, 4kqs, 4ks, three CQs, a few 80/90s q and non q.  There are a few
jewels, like a mosty complete 20V NA (no distributor), a V8 engine, a
90q with the "quattro" script interior and the CQs which have alot
left.  Most of the cars are pretty picked clean.  If you want body
parts, suspension or brakes though, there is a great selection. There
are also alot of transmissions, alternators, starter, etc.   Mike is
saving the "best" cars for last, so some of the stuff will be there
until the middle of next week, but then its gone...

For more information, call Mike at (303) 663 0003 or (303) 521-5997.
BTW, the yard is located in Castle Rock, CO.

Steve Eiche
'91 200q
'82 Not So Ur q 20Vt