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rehi - many thingsB

	yeah here i am again, a few things:

	first is http://caliban.sf.ca.us/img/cars-boats/newbus.jpg
	thought y'all would like a sneak peak!

	second is that i rediscovered the san francisco auto center.
	for $25/year/vehicle you can work on your car in their
	facilities, with their tools.  you can als get the help
	of the mechanics onsite for 5 minute incriments at $85/hour.
	good deal.  they teach repair classes, too.  tools available,
	allt hat.  $1/hour to work on your car, minor charges for 
	overnight storage.  seem cool.

	third, i did some serious uphilly tinyroad offroading last 
	weekend.  fun fun, though i suspected overheating approaching. 
	car won't start when hot, i think it's the starter heating 
	beacus of missing shielding.  anyway, sliding around turns,
	cranking up hill, it was fun.  we were heading up into alder
	creek, south of big sur on highway one.

	i saw one nice 4kq on the highway, i only mention it because
	they seemed to be gesticulating madly as if they recognized
	my urq for what it is - which few audi drivers in the bay 
	area do.  lister?  wanna trade cars?

	fourth - my car goes into 2bennett in a week for the mc
	transplant.  anyone interested in a wx motor, whole or

 rocky mullin
 two strokes are faster than four!
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