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RE: Is there any job on an AUDI that is as easy as it looks?

Here's the score to date:

Audi - new rear bushing slightly mangled - new upper track arm (perfect) -
new front lower control arm (almost perfect - I took the boot off the old
one and fixed the one I mangled)- new sway bar bushings left and right.

The first set of sway bar bushings took me an hour the second set 15 minutes
after figuring out how to snug it up enough to get the outside bushing on...
but what a PITA!

Me - One lump upper right forehead - rear bushing popped out and whapped me
in the head - left eyebrow and cheek bruised when suspension support slipped
and whapped me in the head (gave upper right lump a second thump) - right
hand has more nicks and dents than I can count on both hands and feet -
lower back ache from crouching for what seemed like 40 days and nights -
right shin - major lump when foot slipped off the ratchet as I was torqueing
the sway bar bolt. Not to mention the numerous bumps on my head from
whacking my head on the steering knuckle every time I tried to actually see
what I was doing.

This thing is beginning to remind me of my first wife.

Mind you after all that abuse I took her (the car) out for a ride and does
she ever feel like a changed woman!! Tight, nimble, predictable, feels like
it shed a few hundred pounds.  Worth every lump and bruise!

I may wait a week till I heal before attempting the timing belt...


Peter Berrevoets
1990 200TQ 10V

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Hahaha.  I know how you feel.

Took me 30 darn minutes to change the air filter (went to a K&N) last night.
I had to pull all that intake plumming out to open the airbox.  When I was
taking that one downpipe piece out....it was so wedged in there that I had
to do a bit of twisting and yanking to get it loose....once it came loose
though....WHAP!  Yup, smacked me right in the head!  Left me with a cut
above the eyebrow.

Ouch.  Well, put the K&N in and no change in performance!  DAMN!  I just
want to do ONE thing to this car that actually makes it worthwhile.


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Subject: Is there any job on an AUDI that is as easy as it looks?

>Murphy's law has certainly got to be an AUDI commandment.
>Had to change the Inner rear trailing arm bushing, the upper control arm
>the front control arm.  I've managed to do the upper control arm with
>reasonable ease. (bloody hell are those bolts tight) I mangled the trailing
>arm bushing, it's in but it's 1/8th inch out (I wish I'd had your e-mail
>earlier Huw, I used the sledge oops) and in the course of replacing the
>front control arm and sway bar bushings I managed to tear the boot and get
>good smack in the head when the prop I was using to compress the strut
>I remember my first five 1973 510 Datsuns (BuMWiper killers), my 1976 Ford
>Capri (Mustang killer) and a few others in between. I did some rough work
>those cars but this is the first time I've had one give me a smack... yeesh
>All done now, I just have to do the exhaust manifold gaskets, the timing
>belt, the water pump, the idler pulley and the cam cover gasket (but no
>polishing of the cover - I'll probably just paint it)
>Time for an aspirin and back to the garage.
>Peter Berrevoets
>1990 200TQ 10V