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Re: S4/New S6/A8 in AutoWeek

Daniel Hussey decided to speak these words:

>>Its the exact same engine, 250hp.  Same tranny--6 speed.  Its going to be
>Um, maybee engine is the same, but tuning is supposedly different.  The S6
>numbers I've heard are 0-60 in 4.7 seconds for the manual and 4.9 for the
>auto.  FAST!!!!!  Wow.  The S4 is a meager 5.9 for the manual and 6.5 for
>the automatic.  Can you confirm this Michael???  Any Audi material on the S6

Firstly, the stuff i got said the same thing, but it makes absolutely no 
sense.  I think it was a typo, i looked at the 0-30 and then the 0-60 and 
it was just slightly slower than the S4.  This isnt actually the S6.  
This is just a midrange between the base A6 and the A6 4.2

>From what i know, the S6 will actually be a twin turbo V8, 3.7 
liters...hehe...that one will be fun...


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