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Re: manual steering rack in a 4kq/coupe/urq?

This is beginning to get to the information I need!  There is quite a bit
of difference between a car with pseudo manual steering (as Huw describes)
and proper manual steering (i.e. with a steering rack that was designed to
be non-power).  BTDT on a VW GTI, but that was a lighter car that had 195
wide tires instead of the 225 tires on our urq.

Thanks for the info.  I want to avoid Popeye arms as I already have Popeye
forearms from years of weightlifting!

At 05:44 AM 6/26/99 -0400, Huw Powell wrote:
>> The real question is: how is steering feel and performance with a manual
>I had "manual steering" for a couple of years on my '82 (PO pulled belt
>since pump was shot because pressure hose rusted through...)
>It was fine except for parking manouvers and five point turns, which
>gave me Popeye arms.
>Huw Powell
>82 Audi Coupe; 84 4kq; 85 Coupe GT
Best Regards,

John Karasaki