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Working on the coupe

Well, I've had a day working on the coupe. It's been different - so much
room compared to the Ur-q. It now idles quite happily, fixed it by blocking
the isv takeoff at the inlet and then enriching the mixture by 1/8th of a

Gave the cooling system the once-over as the coolant was a deep red colour
(rust not anti-freeze), when I was buying the car I remarked to the owner
that the thermostat wasn't working - wrong - no thermostat at _all_.
Radiator fan switch isn't working but the fan is ok when I jumper the
connections. Do like the radiator upper shroud (#811 121 293C) - plastic,
much better looking that the fibre one on the Ur-q.

All I've got to do is get it taxed and I'll be back in an Audi (of sorts) -
Post Office wouldn't allow me to tax it today, because it isn't taxed at the
moment I can't tax it until 2 days before the first of the month.

Jim Haseltine