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Re: 89 200 TQ Advice Needed - and hurry!

In message <19990627142605.18224.rocketmail@web126.yahoomail.com> Gavin Gray writes:

> I neglected to get the build date info when I looked at the car.

Don't bother.  It tells us almost nothing.  Get and post the VIN.

> 2.)  Under hard acceleration, I only saw 1.2 bar boost on the computer
> display.  Should be 1.8 or so, right?  No other problems with engine -
> ran smooth, quiet, etc.  What is the likely problem of this low boost.

Whole raft of stuff, mostly trivial.  WOT switch, Michelin man hose,
turbo --> intercooler hose, etc.

First step is to pull codes.  See Scott Mockry's excellent page at

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