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carbon canister

Hello all,

I believe the carbon canister solenoid in my car ('88 90q) does not operate
correctly. Why do I say this ? It keeps ticking all the time. I take it that
this sound implies that the solenoid is going on/off continuously ? So does this
mean that the solenoid has gone bad or could something else be wrong that could
cause the solenoid to go on/off continuously ? What are the effects of having
the solenoid go on/off the way it does in my car ?

On another note, while tinkering around the engine compartment, I removed the
fuel distributor assembly. While putting it back, I noticed that all except one
of the holes into which the injector-fuel lines screw in, had some kind of
a insert in them. My question is, what are these inserts and did I drop one
while toying with the fuel distributor ?

Thanks in advance,
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