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and now for the RS...

remember, you read it here first!

if you thought that the S4 twin turbo was audi's competitor for the BMW M3
and the A6 4.2 or A6 2.7TT the competitor for the M5 you are not alone.
you and me though, thought wrong.

the ultimate A4 of this generation's car is not the S4 as most of us
assume but the RS4, appearing in europe next summer.  power output?

how about 400 bhp?

holee donkee sheeet!  

piech wants it to outrun any current or future M3 and M5. the S6 (not RS6) 
has been announced.. 340 bhp from a V6TT.. there's also a 360 bhp V8TT.. 
not sure what that will be called.

the RS6 has been announced for 2001.. power output from a twin turbo V8

			5 0 0   b h p

500 bhp.. think about that for a moment.  today's car makes only 193.  not
even the 6 liter mercedes V12 was making that kind of power.  piech is a
real maniac!!  hey after all he designed that flat 12 1000+ bhp porsche
917.  i don't think there's even a production car sold in america that
makes 500 bhp.. i think the viper and 993 twin turbo are in the 400+
range... and the ferrari 550 maranello about 480.  reading about this is
enough to make me drunk! 

the 2002 RS3 will get a single turbo 25 valve straight five

the RS version of the TT called TTRS will have a V6 (though another
article also said turbo straight five)