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Re: 90Q Rear Brakes

In message <19990628024003.21012.rocketmail@web601.yahoomail.com> Bob Gregory writes:

> I currently have my 88 90Q apart in the driveway while trying to
> replace the rear pads.  No problem getting the old pads out but how to
> push the piston (Girling single piston caliber) back in is a mystery.
> I know the piston has to be turned as its being pushed but the piston
> does not have a female hex in it like my 84 4000Q.  Instead it has two
> small notches on the outer edge of the "equator" of the piston head.
> Is there a tool available (where and how much) to grab these notches?

I have a "Sealy cube" that I've cut in half.  You have to grind off two
lugs as well.  I don't have the fiche at present, but even the official
Audi tool has to be ground to fit these calipers.

> And......the stock pads had a removable plate between the pad and the
> piston.  Should I use them with the replacements?  The Rofrens I will
> be using did not provide these plates.

Probably anti-squeal shims inserted to fix a noise problem.

 Phil Payne
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