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Re: who won?(Mt. Washington hillclimb)

Sprongl.  You missed his victory 4-wheelin', turf flyin' 720 degree
spin/donut on the lawn next to the tent; he miscalculated slightly on the
second loop and scared the crap out of a course worker trying very hard to
direct him into an exact spot by "normal" way(ie, back in.)
  Frank did a very nice job of making it clear that he would park where,
and HOW, the hell -HE- wanted to :)

Too bad I didn't have a video camera; his little spin would have made
great MPEG or quicktime-on the web material.  Half the people at the
corral missed it too, so don't feel too bad.

I don't see what the big deal is about the Evo; sure, the $300,000 price
tag was thrown around a lot, but it is probably nothing compared to the
money Audi and others have literally dumped on Sprongl, his S2, and his
Sport Q.


On Mon, 28 Jun 1999, Copley One wrote:

> for those of us who left a few minutes early, who won the race? Evo or
> Audi? Paul K