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Re: 89 200 TQ Advice Needed - and hurry!

In message <19990628164700.11205.rocketmail@web109.yahoomail.com> Gavin Gray writes:

> Owner says that he replaced timing belt at 65k (car now has 73k+ on
> it).  While I don't distrust this guy, how can I check for sure that
> this has been done?  He says he and his brother did it, so no service
> receipts.  Is it easy to tell by looking?

He should have a purchase receipt for the parts - belt, water pump and
idler roller.  You can pass on the latter first time round, but always
do it at later changes.

Without that, check the 6mm Allen screws (huge things) that hold the
cam cover on.  Up to 30k miles after a belt change, they're a struggle
to shift.  After 30k miles, they're impossible.  If it's never been
done, it takes an expert to move the bl@@dy things.

 Phil Payne
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