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Re: sublists

On Mon, 28 Jun 1999, Dan Simoes wrote:

]So it can be done.  But, should it?

	such a tough question!  i *know* i am benefitting 
	from eavesdropping on threads about torsen, for 
	instance, though i doubt i'll own a car with this
	in the remote future.  i have been pleased to learn
	about the whole line of cars.

]One idea I have is to segment the lists something like this:
]several "type" lists: 4k/80/90/CQ, 5k/100/200/S4/S6.  But, where does that
]leave the urQ?  On the 4k list, or on the latter, since it uses a turbo
]engine?  The real danger in segmenting is that valuable knowledge will
]be lost.  Phil will read the urQ list but why should he read the 5k
]list, since he doesn't have one (applying the logic of those recently crying 
]for the type 44 list)

	heh, don't forget to mention the "crying" on the nay 
	side, too, dan.  anyway, i can see the danger, as an
	urq driver, especially one that'll have a 5kq engine
	in it in about 4 weeks.  i'd subscribe to both, most
	likely.  i delete a lot of messages when i gt too busy
	anyway.  this list is an oddity in that it focuses on 
	a feature across audi's whole line of cars - and we're
	not even specific to that (hi huw! :) all the time, 
	which i also find just great.

]Still, segmenting can be done, if we figure out where to draw broad circles.
]"Old" cars vs "new"?

	could be.  in the end, someone can just form a list and
	look for interested people.  i'll stay on the q list
	for sure, and probably join other relavent lists.

 rocky mullin
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