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Re: HELP! '91 200TQ Climate Control Probs


> > I recently bought a '91 200TQ with 94,000 miles on it.  The Climate
> > Control has a wierd problem.  When set on "Auto" in hot weather it works
> > very well, delivering cool air through the dash vents.  However, after a
> > few minutes, the air duct dampers spontaneously change position and the
> > cool air is delivered through the floor and the defroster vents.
> > Resetting the CC to "Econ" causes the dash vents to reopen (after a
> > delay) and the the CC can be returned to cooling mode by resetting the
> > "Auto" mode.  Unfortunately, after a few more minutes the cycle starts
> > over again.

> BTDT - replace the vacuum motor that changes position of the recirc door, or
> check to see if it is unplugged. This is a symptom of a big vacuum leak in
> the system.

Agreed on it being a big vacuum leak and the recirc door motor being the
the most likely culprit.

The vacuum motor may well have broken its bracket.  It then flops around
and pulls its vacuum pipe off.  Linda has a repair kit for the bracket.