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RE: who won?(Mt. Washington hillclimb)

> International GrN Evo built all out costs between $80K and $120K US. That
> with all that is allowed in international Gr N. That would be ALS(anti
> water injection, full capasity to do data loging and custom maping,
> homologated synchro gears LSDfront, rear and center diffs, no interior
> bluprinted and ballanced engine, serious coil over suspention. Must retain
> however stock break master cylinder, rubber top mounts and no Rose joints
> anewhere.Stock intake and engine wire harness must also stay. Fule cell is
> allowed but with only one fule pump.

You're looking at a much different car; I've already done the research of
buying one of these cars, and not out of England (that's one of the most
expensive places to buy these cars).  Basic Gr. N cars can be had for less
than $30K USD.  I know others that have found the same information I have as

> If Jerome Easson had the Evo he drives in Production cup Class of British
> National Championshipand he knew the road as good as Frank and he had
> tires all around the outcome of this event may have been different. Don't
> that Frank never won running aganst Paul in Libra Hundai that essentially
> Club GrA Evo3'
> no matter how hard he tried.

Hmmmm....Mike, Mike, Mike...I think you need to brush up on your history.
Frank trounced the New Zealand national champion Geoff Argyle in an Evo IV
at the Laughlin International Rally last year; he started a bit behind on
the first day because of a couple of flats, but other than that, Frank was
as fast, if not usually faster the entire rally.  Nobody had an advantage at
that event as far as knowing roads.  As far as beating Thumper, let's
see...he beat Thumper in the "Tiburon" at all but two events I can think of;
'97 Maine Forest Summer - Sprongl won, '97 Maine Winter - Sprongl Won. '97
LSPR - Sprongl finished poorly due to wrong gearing in the tranny, '98
STPR - Sprongl won and Thumper rolled...need I go on?  Mike, I suggest you
go watch Frank drive and look at the stage times considering the equipment;
watching Frank against Argyle at the Laughlin Superstage really showed just
how GOOD he is!  Frank could very easily run in the WRC; he's that good, and
kicking a$& in 15 year old technology!!!

So Mike, what's up with your finishing positions man?  I thought with all
these high tech factory parts you tout, you were supposed to be trouncing on
everybody =).

-mark nelson