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Axles, Confusion, and Long Island

To start off, my mechanic has the idea the my outer cv's must be replaced.
He told me that a month ago, and still no noise.  Saw him today and told
him I was just getting boot kits, he responded by saying, "well we will
put the car up on the rack and take out the axles.  Then if the outer cv's
are bad you will have to deliver them right away, overnight UPS them to
us."  Geez louise I think I better learn how to do this job myself.  Also
told me that I needed to have the new alloys ready for installation when
he does the suspension, bushings, boots, and alignment.  Told me that I
can't align the car with the bunk wheel/tires I have on now, because the
tires are worn improperly.  I hear this vacuuming noise near my back
pocket right now!

I was on long island today and saw so many NEW Audis.  Saw a brand new
black A8 4.2Q, 2x new Cabrios black/white, new silver TT...  Who knew that
Audis were so popular after that whole jumping, leaping, UI acceleration
5000 situation.


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