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On Mon, 28 Jun 1999, Iain Atkinson wrote:

]Is Audi really going to be that worried by a relatively small group of pro
]Audi enthusiasts having a copy of their parts microfiche on CD. 

	they could very well be upset at that.  there's a reason
	people copyright things.  the real question is:  is it
	worth the risk to blatantly, publicly, under a name that
	ends in .com, sell comyrighted information?

The whole
]internet has been built in some way on people copying software, 

	i'd like to see your statistics and sources for this 
	statement.  even if it's true, it certainly wouldn't 
	hold up in court to say that it's ok to steal someone's
	stuff because it's been done before, or because everybody
	does it.

]Audi I am
]sure have bigger battles to fight than worrying about a few CD's. I mean you
]can download it from an ftp server in Russia, why not put on a better one
]closer to home?

	they might worry - it's about risk.  is the ftp server 
	in russia authorized to have that?  if not, will russian
	law officials shut it down if requested?

	for disclaimer information - yes i have copies of things
	i have not paid for - softwware, music, whatever.  you're
	eright in that most people do this sort of thing.  the
	point i am raising is that it ups the ante to do it in
	public, for money, and may not be worth the additional
	risks involved.

 rocky mullin
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