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Looking for Help NY/CT

I have been thinking for a way to avoid all these annoying mechanics
asking for more more more.  Is there anyone who likes to work on Audis,
even 80 FWD's, that would be intrested in teaching me how to do cv boots,
suspension, and so on.  I would pay well for a teacher/mechanic in the
NY/CT area.  The jobs as of now would be:

Installing NEW CV Boots
Changing Springs/Shocks
Installing NEW Strut Mounts/Stops

Would need the teacher/mechanic to have a good set of tools, I do not at
this time.

And maybe some stupid other things.  My mechanic is just bugging me at
this point.  He also charges way to much, and I would like to have the
knowledge on how to do these repairs myself for later times.  I haven't
got a Bentley but I am getting one very soon.  If there is any interest
please e-mail me ASAP and we could set up a fee for services.  I just
haven't the money for a real mechanic that isn't going to teach me a damn

Thanks a bunch,

 Alexander van Gerbig '88 80

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