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Sub-lists no!! One List - Problem Specific Indexing

One list - Audis.

Our problem seems to be access to information, or rather how we define the
problem we hope to solve.  Wouldn't it be simpler to create an index format
that we would post as a FAQ and adhere to?

How about using a structure similar to the ETKA Main Group and Sub Group
tree to detail problems in a tiered format.  The Problem would be described
first - "Door Handles flop around uselessly" and the fix is described or the
problem is further detailed "Key will turn - lock not activating" and a fix
could then be described with links to messages relating to specific types if
the problem is dealt with differently.

A bad ECU is a bad ECU and the repair or replacement becomes model specific
yet the problem is generic. I would even say that if we use a standardized
index, we then have the ability to create model specific queries or problem
specific queries. The fixes and the knowledge are then available based on
how you look at the problem or from a perspective of your own skill sets or
knowledge level.

We create the index structure first, then volunteers - any number - can
slowly go through sections of the archives and apply the indexes to the
individual messages.  A FAQ is written and a generic question can be
answered by experienced listers who include the appropriate index as the
first line in the body of the message - not the subject line -  for future
reference. The initial/original question is unimportant as far as the
reference material goes, only the index.

Any long time lister or newbie only has to use the Index to then search for
his/her answer.  These indexes can be in several formats - part specific,
problem specific or type specific - they will all lead to the same single
index relating to the problem for which an answer is required.

I think that if we use the ETKA structure as a guide, we can start with a
part specific structure that will logically lead into a problem specific and
then model specific order.

So fellow listers, I will gladly volunteer to help index the archives if we
can come up with a structure that is sound, logical and requires no more
than say fifteen characters!  Keeping in mind all those posts not relating
to the answering of a specific problem do not need to be read or indexed at

What do you think? Who's got the mind for structure?

Just an idea...

Peter Berrevoets
1990 200TQ 10V