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RE: Type 44 list

There are other options open to you.  It is possible to filter and sort
messages in many newsreaders.

I went away for the weekend, I come back 254 posts.  My filter for "contains
200TQ" pulls out 20 messages of varying interest, I go through the rest
piece-meal because I know that there is plenty of valuable information
covered relating to other models. I filter certain individuals posts into
their own folders because they have a seemingly boundless wealth of
information that constantly crosses the Type/Model barriers. I also
subscribe to the digest version so that I archive for my own reference in
one place. Unlike some/many listers I don't have bandwidth or storage
limits, but I can certainly understand and appreciate those that do, and
their concerns.

Breaking up the list will lose the 86 4000Q problem/fix that will twig your
memory  "Hey that happened to me/sounds familiar" and help you locate the
solution to a minor or major problem that has been bothering you for a
while. Like my #$!@#$@!$# voltmeter that won't give me a reading. :-)

Getting back to my earlier post about problem specific indexes, this can
help create an easier way to use the aforementioned filters to pick out the
stuff you really want to read.  Maybe subscriptions to the list can allow
pre-delivery filtering based on this common set of indexes - Dan?

Let's make the main list work better for all concerned and we will all have
a tremendously valuable resource.  I think it may also eliminate or reduce
some of the 'snobbery' that underlies some of the postings I've seen here.
This started as the QUATTRO list right - I'd be the last person to turn away
input from someone who "only" has a 200T.

Just a thought (or two)


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Cobram said:

>What I think this means is that it will be similar to the V8 Quattro
>list. What happens on the V8Q list is that 90% of the messages either
>originate on the Qlist or migrate to the Qlist.  The mes <<snip>>

I couldn't agree more!  I was buisy out all day and I came back and had 97
new messages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Of those 97, about two of them
actually raised my brow.  I personally don't like deleting 100+ messages a
day!  It's a HUGE PITA to try to find what might pertain to me and delete
the rest.  The idea of a list that all messages pertain to the make and
model car I drive means at least a 50% chance that I will be interested in

Maybee we can combine the 200TQ 20V list in with this one, as it IS a type
44 after all.  Plus, I am looking to buy a '91 soon, so I am always
interested to hear about them.

Fact is...I just graduated from college and am currently looking for a job.
I am buisy, but at the moment I have enough free time to be subbed to the
list.  But, when I start working 60 hours a week....FORGET IT!  I'll have to
unsub.  A type 44 list would allow me to still be subbed to a list and
recieve valuable information.  I have a feeling I'm not the only one who
can't subscribe to ANY list because the traffic is just too overwhelming.
Unfortunately, they probably won't hear about it since most people on the
list can somehow (how, I'll never know?) hold down a job and stay subbed at
the same time.

Us sublisters can send messages to the main list if we feel that they will
be interesing to others (as I just did with this message!), and main listers
can always subscribe to these sub-lists if they want the additional info.
I've many times thought of subbing to the '91 200 20V list or the NW list,
but I already got such a high volume of messages, I said forget it.

Dan - I REALLY appreciate all you've done for and maintaining the Quattro
List.  I've been a contributing member (on and off) for 4 years now.  I've
enjoyed the list correspondence/comradere, but I've just seen "My door
handle broke, what do I do" so many times it makes me sick!  Sorry, but a
sublist is my only option as I CAN'T continue to sift through 100+ messages
a day to find the one or two that might give me some usefull info.  I think
sublists will be great for many of us.  And, if you don't want to join,
fine...DON'T!  But, please don't complain about people leaving.  We all have
our reasons.  For me, it's the only option.  A type-44 list is better than
no list!  ;^)

BTW, Michael Williams (giving credit, where credit is due) has a GREAT idea.
Is it possible to have seperate sublists for each model, and then one that
is a compilation for all?  Can anyone make such a thing?????  This would be
the best, just not sure it's feasable.

89 200tq
and looking forward to a type 44 list!  :)