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Type 44 list, sublists

I like the list the way it is.

I don't think we should be dropping the problem of creating sub-lists
exclusively onto Dan. I think we as a group could modify the way we write
our subject lines, so people who _want_ to filter model-specific stuff can
do it and avoid the more general threads.

Then, if a group of people don't want to be bothered with sorting through
the hundreds of messages on this general list, they can use software that
sorts out what they _do_ want to read about into specific mailboxes. Eudora
Pro 4.1 would do it.

That's what computers are good for....sorting stuff for people so the
people don't have to waste their time in that activity.

To make sorting more reliable and universally possible, contributors to the
general list could include qualifiers in the subject line, for the
convenience of the people who are focused on more narrow content. The words
"T44" anywhere in the subject line would allow all those type 44 focused
people to sort their mail they way they want to, without restricting the
others from reading it also. "4kQ"  "UrQ"  "V8"  "S4"  "S6" "A4"  "A6" etc
would allow filtering but not _impose_ filtering on everyone.

If we go to sublists, I would need to be on as many as are being discussed,
so for me little would change. I wouldn't use filters.

Being a reader of the broad spectrum-thousand member-international quattro
list for several years has been endlessly educational and enlightening in
dozens of ways only peripherally related to actual mechanical Audi content.
I would be saddened if the list were to become constricted and subdivided
because some readers don't have time or the inclination to expose
themselves to such diversity. And they have a right to flee from it. And
they have IMO the responsibility to devise ways of doing it, and with just
a little help from the membership, they could flee the diversity of the
list without depriving the others of the opportunity to benefit from the
diversity.....software and filters.

And everything I said above, I learned about by reading threads generated
during discussions about moving the list from coimbra to audifans.

I bought my 5k because I heard so many interesting things about it while
subscribed as a 4kq owner. I want to read about all those other models and
what their owners are experiencing. I like the list the way it is.

Doyt Echelberger
86 4kq
87 5kcstq