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Re: 89 200 TQ Advice Needed - and hurry!

>> 1.) The car's pearl white paint is immaculate -
>> to the point that I'm concerned it's been >
>repainted.  If it has, it was a high $$,
>> professional job.
>If so, don't worry about it! The pearl paint on
>this car was not only an extra cost option, some
>insurance companies charged a higher premium due
>to the difficulty of matching the paint without
>re-shooting the whole car.

Pearl paint was a no-cost option on _US_ '89 200qs (attempt to sell cars
after UA? Perhaps that's why so many of these cars--mine included--are pearl).

cu, James
'87 4kq (alias "late-B2 90q")
'89 200q (K26, wood/8-gauge dash, torsen, aero handles, Procon10/no bag)
Boise, ID, USA     http://netnow.micron.net/~marriott